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201 High Street Murfreesboro NC 27855

For Tour Information call (252) 398-5922 / (910) 358-1202

It is Impossible to mention and even describe everything in this expansive Museum!
Over 17,000 Items on Display! You need to come see it for yourself!! 
The Brady C Jefcoat Museum
Jefcoat Museum RCA Dog
Jefcoat Museum Historic Tools
Jefcoat Historic Bedroom
The Vast Jefcoat Museum
Jefcoat 201411
Jefcoat Museum Telephones
Jefcoat Museum Music Collection
Dog Powered Washing Maching
Jefcoat Museum Tour
Early English Phonograph at Jefcoat
Blacksmith Display at the Jefcoat
Famous Sofa from Gone with the Wind
The Parlor Room at Jefcoat
262 Phonographs
Collections, collections oh my!
Jefcoat Fish and Fowl
Early 1500 Tudor Bed (War of Roses)
Massive Collection
Come Explore the beginnings of American Inventions & Culture - Historic Marvels Amazing Collections & Displays - Learn how we as a People Evolved in Innovation!
Early Development - Wildlife Collection 
Historic Farm & Agriculture Miscellaneous Treasures
200 Years of Music and Movie Nostalgia - Indian Artifacts

A Grand and Beautiful Museum of Early American History

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