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Historic Farm & Agriculture 
Early Farm Equipment-  Rare Tools
See How Far we have Come
Interesting Agricultural Innovations
Early Development
Historic Kitchens - Amazing Butter Churners
A Doggy Powered Washing Machine - Irons
From the Incredible to the Ridiculous
Wildlife Collection
Craftsmen Taxidermy - Pistols
Historic Fishing and Hunting Equipment
The History of Everything Outdoors
The Entertainment Collection
Records - Posters - Memorabilia
Go Back in Time and Find your Music
A Whole Room of Entertainment Memories
Indian Artifacts
Arrow Heads - Tools - Grinding Stones 
Found Locally at Indian Villages from By-Gone Days
Hunting - Fishing - Cooking
Jefcoat's Famous Dog & Sofa
Miscellaneous Treasures
The RCA Dog - Sofa from "Gone with the Wind"!
A Royal Harp - A Blacksmith Shop - So Much More!
Memories and Dreams of "Days Gone By"

201 High Street Murfreesboro NC 27855

For Tour Information call (252) 398-5922 / (910) 358-1202

Home of the ...

A Grand and Beautiful Museum of Early American History

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